At Perstorp you can develop an make a diffrence in a variety of career areas.

Research and development

Do you have a passion for innovation and chemistry? Join our chemists, specialists and scientists dedicated to research, and collaborate with universities, customers and vendors in different projects. Or become a part of a team of lab engineers who primarily assist in research and carry out lab tests in different focus areas, mostly based on OXO and polyalcohol chemistry at our global sites. There are great opportunities in many disciplines, including analytical chemistry, application development as well as process and product development in R&D. Our development activities are often on a global level, and you may serve as a project manager or specialist in these activities.


In technology  there are great opportunities for process engineers, with the focus on development and work with investment projects, often on a global level. Our process engineers can also become project managers or specialists. If you want to work with optimization of process flows, there is a specialized group for this consisting of process control engineers.


In production, you have the challenging opportunity of constantly finding better, smarter ways of working. Our process engineers primarily work with troubleshooting, eliminating bottlenecks, making continuous improvements and optimization. Our production management staff leads production. To produce what customers have ordered, in the right quantity, with the right quality and at the right time, we depend on our skilled process operators and operating technicians around the world. Operating and monitoring the production processes in our control rooms and plants is the primary task.

Supply chain

Are planning and logistic optimization words that motivate you? If you work with supply chain planning at Perstorp, these words become a natural part of your daily work. Planning involves many different professions at different levels, both globally and locally. However, they all share the same goal: to plan material/product flows in a way that makes them as optimal as possible. We also have professionals working with logistics development, examining goods flows, packaging and transport.
Another function within the supply chain area is procurement. On an average more than 70% of our total turnover goes to buying production-related materials and services, as well as non-production related materials and services, to keep our customers, sites and people going. This demonstrates the substantial opportunities and responsibilities the procurement function have when it comes to the overall performance of the Perstorp Group. Is this something for you?

Customer service & master data management

Do you want the maintenance and development of long-term customer relationships to be a natural part of your job? At Perstorp, our customers are at the center of everything we do, always. Working with customer service and master data management, you will be part of an international team serving various regions, all depending on your place of work – Europe, North America, South America or Asia. You communicate with our customers through the entire process, from order to delivery, and you also focus on transport from finished stock to customer. Customer service and master data management are also parts of our supply chain.

Marketing & sales

Are you interested in working with the entire marketing and sales process, from market strategy to customer relations? Become a part of our team of product managers, marketing managers, regional managers and other professionals, all who work closely with our customers. Analyses, pricing strategies, negotiations, customer meetings, agreements and much more will all be part of your job.


Do you want your future career to include construction, investments, pre-studies and basic engineering? Working in construction you will find engineers in disciplines such as mechanics, electronics and instrumentation. These engineers are often in the global organization, but also work at our local sites. Instrumentation engineers, for example, travel the world modifying and adjusting the control systems that run our plants.


Help us maintain and develop the high standard of our production units in Europe, Asia and North America by becoming a member of our skilled maintenance staff. Most of our people work with mechanical maintenance, but another important group is made up of our electrical and instrumentation technicians. Become a part of our maintenance staff of skilled professionals in various fields – including welding, pump technology and maintenance engineering – who monitor and develop maintenance methods and procedures for preventive maintenance.

Responsible care

Responsible Care is the name of the group working in the fields of environmental protection, health, safety and social responsibility. Join our dedicated process safety engineers, environmental engineers, occupational safety specialists and other professionals, who are all working with the aim of making Perstorp a more sustainable company. Work proactively towards greater product stewardship and a more ethical way of working. Share the Perstorp vision of zero harm to people and environment.


Do you want to take your financial skills to a new level? In the finance section at Perstorp, you can do this in a variety of financial professions, both locally and globally. Together with our skilled colleagues you can work in areas such as accounting, control, treasury or payroll. This could mean everything from handling invoices to working with our internal cash flow and managing the company’s total financial statements. Another option is joining our specialists working with taxation and insurance matters. Explore the possibilities.


Would you like to contribute to creating IT solutions that support the entire Perstorp Group? IT works globally, supporting the Perstorp Group with a common IT infrastructure and application landscapes, constantly improved and optimized. Besides managing the global IT infrastructure, Perstorp IT also administers major global applications such as ERP (SAP) and is responsible for IT security. Share and develop your IT expertise with like-minded colleagues and help us to continue improving our IT solutions.

Human resources

Is your ambition to join a service function that supports the company in becoming even better through skilled administration of human resources? This is what our HR team does at Perstorp. You work operationally and strategically, playing a significant role in having legal structures in place and maintaining the corporate culture. Being part of the HR team also means contributing to the company by attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining other people who want to contribute.


Become a part of our communications team and help us increase awareness of the Perstorp brand and our products! One of our key areas is market communications, where we focus on our customers through marketing materials, exhibitions and customer meetings. The core of what we do is all about communicating the right message, in the right channels, at the right times – focusing on both external and internal recipients.

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